Is my mom a narcissist?

​Are you tired of silent treatments, rude text-messages, and feeling like you don't matter? Do you want to know if your mother is really a narcissist?


Can my narcissistic mom change?

Do you know that your mom is narcissist, but you're not quite ready to give up on having a relationship with her? Are you wondering if there's any way that she might change? ​​​


Low-contact, no-contact, or just deal with her? 

Over your mom's toxic behavior, but unsure about whether you should cut ties or keep putting up with her?


Hey Sister!

I'm Ronica. I spent 30+ years of my life trying to be accepted and loved by my narcissistic mother. I smiled when I wanted to cry, I laughed when I wanted to scream and I stayed silent when I wanted to speak. All in an effort to make her happy... even though it was killing me inside. 

And no matter what I did... IT WAS NEVER GOOD ENOUGH!

So, one day, I just stopped!


Personal Coaching

"Ronica has changed my life! I have a very narcissistic Mother and for years she has played me, controlled me, and abused me. I have gone to multiple counselors and a celebrate recovery group at my church. These programs helped but not in a way to get my life back. No one understands this topic better than Ronica!"
​ -T


Mama Trauma

"I just love your podcast. I get so much out of each episode. Every time I listen I think "YES!" How does Ronica know so much about my life? It's so validating, reassuring, and helpful with me resetting what's "normal". You and your message give me strength.
​Thank you, sister!" 


The Mama Trauma Community

"Ronica, thank you for giving back to this community of women. We now have a place of refuge, support, courage, connection, and strength to deal with the trauma from our narcissistic mother's abuse. You pour your heart into this group and the podcast!"